audiobridge is now an Early Access Partner with TikTok!

May 6, 2021
audiobridge + TikTok

Login and share your music directly from audiobridge to TikTok! We are grateful and excited to announce that we are an Early Access Partner with TikTok to bring their Sound and Login Kits to life. TikTok continues to be a place for creators to express themselves.

We, at audiobridge, have had the idea of our users being able to utilize our platform to bring their original material to a greater audience, and this move forward with TikTok allows just that. Through the Sound Kit, users will be able to seamlessly bring their music (original sound) directly to TikTok right out of audiobridge.

Here’s what TikTok’s Global Head of Distribution Partnerships, Isaac Bess, had to say about their new kits, “As TikTok becomes increasingly ingrained in culture, more third-party apps across a variety of categories and use cases are looking to tap into our community on their own platforms. Through the Sound Kit and Login Kit for TikTok, we’re providing seamless integration solutions that help developers expand their reach, increase exposure for creators, and empower our community to showcase their content on other platforms.”

You can read TikTok’s blog post announcement here.

Here’s to supplying the music of tomorrow!