Mobile multi-track music collaboration

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Simple &

Easy To Use

Invite collaborators to your recording session and communicate directly with them in a dedicated chatroom. Record audio tracks from your mobile device and they instantly sync across everyone's devices.

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Powerful &

Intuitive Interface

Create a session and start recording in only two taps from your device's home screen. Easily take inspiration from your mind into a recording session in seconds.

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Live Editing

No need to transfer tracks to a workstation to edit recordings.


Keep only the parts of your
recordings that matter.


Tag the contents of your track to
more easily identify later.

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Adjust the levels of your
recorded tracks.


Create transitions between your
recorded tracks.



IK Multimedia

IK Multimedia is a leader in mobile music production hardware. Their iRig product line consists of mobile microphones, guitar inputs, MIDI controllers, XLR inputs and much more. See our two IK Multimedia product recommendations below to take your recordings to the next level!

iRig Mic Cast 2

You no longer need to struggle to record crisp, clear audio on-the-go or on a budget. The iRig Mic Cast 2 is an affordable, pocket-sized microphone that easily attaches to your device and lets you sound your best anywhere, any time.

iRig Mic Video

iRig Mic Video works with any app that records audio, from the built-in camera app to the most high-end video capture solutions. Although the name infers you should use it for video, we've found it to provide great audio quality for audiobridge!

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