With Wefunder campaign, audiobridge invites everyone to invest in the future of audio recording

July 27, 2020

The disruptive and innovative music recording app, audiobridge, is announcing the public launch of their Wefunder campaign. Unlike traditional crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter, contributors on Wefunder can own a stake in audiobridge. And with a fearless vision and 18 months of uninterrupted growth, audiobridge is uniquely well-positioned to provide a return on investment by dominating the future market share of mobile recording platforms.

And revolutionizing the music industry. 

“We focus on our users’ experience and strive to make the simplest but most powerful audio recording tool the world has ever seen; exclusively on mobile devices,” said audiobridge founder and CEO, Matt Miller. 

With a minimal investment of $100, anyone can own a piece of audiobridge and its strategy to democratize the creating and recording of music. As a bonus incentive, the team is offering better terms for those who invest in the first $50,000. Over the next six months, the audiobridge team will focus their efforts primarily on finding ways to generate revenue through conversation with their power users and marketing and partnership research.

Audiobridge plans to use funding from Wefunder investors to expand the advantage they already have over their competitors: making their suite of recently released Audio Effects smarter and adding machine learning to create the smoothest mobile recording experience available on the market to date. Artificial intelligence is at the forefront of their vision for the remainder of 2020 with the anticipated addition of the audiobrain in December, providing a fully guided recording experience for artists of all skill levels.

The team at audiobridge, all of them musicians, saw a glaring hole in the 2018 audio recording software market: There was not a single music recording app that was easy to use, built exclusively for mobile, that produced professional results. 

Knowing big-name artists like Billie Eillish and Steve Lacey regularly record music on their phones, that mobile dominates today’s internet usage worldwide, and that 5G networks continue to expand each day, the future-facing team at audiobridge determined an exclusively mobile app interface was the future of audio recording.

In short, they envisioned a world where users no longer needed to pay for expensive studio time or fumble through costly and complicated software to make a professional song.

The team at audiobridge invites investors and musicians alike to test out the free app on iOS App Store, its unique suite of audio effects, and guided music recording atmosphere to see what the future of music recording looks like. 

For more information on audiobridge’s past, present, and future, or to invest, visit the audiobridge Wefunder page here.

About audiobridge

audiobridge is revolutionizing how the world makes music. By building an easy, yet powerful recording and collaboration platform exclusively for the mobile devices that the majority of the world already uses daily, audiobridge significantly lowers the barrier to entry for creatives around the world. The audiobridge team is combining cutting-edge software techniques with a carefully planned user experience, creating the world’s first fully guided music creation platform. This will allow creators to focus on the nuances of their song rather than the nuances of the software.