CEO Matt Miller speaks at Nashville Songwriters Association International event

September 13, 2018

Miller, CEO of audiobridge, was invited to speak at the Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI) event on June 28th, in Tennessee. This event had an exceptional turnout as attendees came to learn more about the fusion of technology and the music industry. Miller’s background of ten years in the music industry and seven years in technology and business provide him with a unique skillset to share.

Through this experience in both industries, Miller developed the app audiobridge, which he also demoed during his talk. When discussing his journey through music, Miller described the often tedious, expensive, and inefficient process of recording music in a recording studio, especially when needing to work with others or work at convenient times. However, as technology is changing the way music is being received, it can also change how it is being produced. Miller told the audience how he developed audiobridge, to create the future of audio recording for musicians, something he knew was of great import to attendees of his talk at the NSAI event.

Audiobridge, available for free on the iTunes app store, is a recording studio in your pocket that allows mobile music collaboration on-demand. Miller demonstrated to the crowd how to use the app, and even created a short song through the app in front of audiences. He hopes it can make music recording efficient for musicians and songwriters just like those who attended his talk.

Following his talk, Matt Miller said, “Music making is changing rapidly and I’m excited to be on the forefront of that evolution. As a songwriter for most of my life, I really enjoyed the opportunity to speak to and chat with the songwriters at NSAI. These are exactly the people that audiobridge was built for. I look forward to working with them more as our project grows.”

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